Greenleaf contains 17 residences with a mixture of RVs, Mobile homes, pier and beam homes and slab homes. There are over 60 people living here with aging parents who are being cared for by their children, a widow, single mothers, retirees and a number of families with young children. Below are bios on a few of the people who live on Greenleaf.

Brown Family

Josh and Jessica moved out to Greenleaf in 2018 with their two children.  Josh works as a manager at a software company that serves law enforcement nationwide while Jessica homeschools the children and makes sure their special needs child gets to all of their regular appointments. In a few years, they hope to build their dream forever home on their property on Greenleaf. "We love our neighbors and the community we have out here. We can't imagine a better place for us to raise our children and spend our lives.

Cahill Family

Brian and Amy Cahill have 9 children, a jersey milk cow, chickens, bees and a garden. Brian works in IT and Amy homeschools the children as well as heading up a homeschool coop. Brian has taken the charge on searching for a solution to the culvert crossing and received a lot of support and help from neighbors and members of the local community.

Cook Family

Jonathan and Lori Cook have 6 children. They enjoy playing games, working puzzles and singing as a family. They are involved in serving their community with Trail Life and American Heritage Girls. Lori first moved to Greenleaf Lane over 30 years ago!

Hamiter Family

Darlene Hamiter has lived on Greenleaf Ln since 2000. She enjoys fiber arts and being a bridal seamstress. Her art studio has produced many a budding artist. Darlene appreciates the neighborhood and it's rural setting.

Hamiter Family

Joe Hamiter moved to Greenleaf Lane 22 years ago when his family relocated from the DFW area. Growing up, he put in countless hours improving their property with his dad and siblings. Upon graduation from Texas A&M University in 2012 with an Architecture degree, he attended the Doctorate of Architecture program at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After working for 8 years in Hawaii, he returned to Texas where he is now building his house on Greenleaf lane. He enjoys playing guitar, basketball, and spending time with his amazing son Liam. 

Jones Family

Jim and Anne Jones are retired and living on Greenleaf taking care of Anne's 96 year old father. Jim is a retired remodeler and Anne homeschooled all of her 8 children. They enjoy spending time with their 30 grandkids.

Nelson Family

Candice and her children Braeden, Luke, Eisley, Asher  

VonGonten Family

Ryan and Karen VonGonten moved to Greenleaf Lane 17 years ago.  Throughout those years, they have grown their family, many gardens, and added regularly to what has become a small farm.  Ryan enjoys improving their property, using the tractor and building things, in addition to his long hours of work in town.  Karen loves creating music, leading worship at church, and homeschooling her children with her neighbors and friends.  They love calling Greenleaf Lane home! 

Greenleaf Resident

Our household contains two people one of whom is 77 years old