1985 - Subdivision Regulations Put Into Place

March 11, 1985

Commissioners Court Meeting 

Subdivision regulations approved which were in place when Rustic Oaks was accepted.

1986 - Rustic Oaks Plat Acceptance

April 28, 1986

Commissioners Court Meeting 

"The Court next considered approval of the final plat of Rustic Oaks Subdivision in Precinct 3. The County Engineer recommended approval of the plat, but noted the following conditions.

a. The County reserve the right to maintain the roads as gravel;

b. Establish vegetation on the ditches as soon as possible;

c. That the developer provide a maintenance bond of Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000.00); and

d. That the two year maintenance period of the roads commence today.

On motion by Commissioner Beard, seconded by Commissioner Wilcox, the Court accepted the Engineer’s recommendations and voted unanimously to approve the plat.”

1988 - Rustic Oaks Road Acceptance, Private Section of Greenleaf surveyed

May 31, 1988

Commissioners Court Meeting 

"Having met all the Subdivision Regulations and on motion by Commissioner Beard, seconded by Commissioner Wilcox, the Court voted unanimously to accept for maintenance the roads in the Rustic Oaks Subdivision."

August 1988

Survey of private portion of Greenleaf Lane completed by Kling Engineering. Survey is referenced in warranty deed for first property sold on Greenleaf (Document 439379)

1989 - Second Road Acceptance, Drainage Acceptance, First County Road Lists (Greenleaf 1069 feet)

April 1989

May, 8 1989

Commissioner Court Minutes

"On motion by Commissioner Turner, seconded by Commissioner Wilcox, the Court voted unanimously to accept for maintenance the road and drainage improvements in the Rustic Oaks Subdivision"

June 1989

Greenleaf Ln. is listed on the County road list as part of the Rustic Oaks subdivision. No length given.

1992 - County Road List (Greenleaf 1069 feet)


1990/2000s - Resident Reports

Jim & Anne Jones - 6/18/1992 - Present

Darlene Hamiter - 9/11/2000 - Present

Ronald & Joanne Rusch - 5/20/1992 - Present

Patricia Nason - 11/15/1991 - 8/1/1994

2001 - County Road List (Greenleaf 1069 feet)

February 23, 2001

County Road List

2005 - County Road List (Greenleaf 1042 feet, maintenance sign moved)

February 22, 2005

April 11, 2005

2015 - Greenleaf Maintenance


Work order for Greenleaf Ln shows three entries with the following information:

2018 - Meeting, Maintenance, Survey, Maintenance sign at 1042, then 1069, then 694 feet

November 5, 2018 - Meeting

Brian Cahill met with County Engineer Prarthana Banerji, Commissioner Catalena and others from Road and bridge. Discussed flooding issues at the Greenleaf culvert crossing and the fact that arial views seemed to put the section on County land. Prarthana committed to doing a survey to locate the edge of the subdivision.

November 5, 2018 - Maintenance

Work order for Greenleaf ln. with the following information:

November 16, 2018 - Survey and Sign Move

The County hired Strong Surveying to locate the edge of the subdivision to resolve questions on how much of Greenleaf was County Road. Based on the survey findings, the County maintenance sign was moved back to its original location at the edge of the subdivision (1069 feet). The County Engineer informed the residents via email that the County was responsible for Greenleaf up to this point and would again take responsibility for the culvert crossing.

December 11, 2018 - Sign Move

The County moved the maintenance sign to the edge of the paved section (669 feet). Residents were instructed to take their concerns to the County legal department. When the legal department was contacted and asked what documentation had been consulted to move the sign to a new location, they were told that no documentation had been looked at. The legal department said that if the residents could provide documentation that the sign should be in a different location they would revisit their decision.