Texas A&M University School of Law Community Development Legal Clinic Opinion 11/14/23

Final Legal Memorandum - Greenleaf Lane.pdf

Residents request Attorney General to allow release of records 9/12/23

2023.09.12-Response To County AG Submission.pdf

Brazos County Asks Attorney General to Classify records so they will not have to share them with residents 8/31/23

2023.08.31-County Letter to AG.pdf

Brazos County Commissioners Court: Share information on second acceptance of Rustic Oaks 7/11/23

Due to County IT issues there is no video recording of this meeting.

Brazos County Commissioners Court: Share 2018 history and discuss lack of separation of powers within the County 6/27/23

Brazos County Commissioners Court: Rebuttal to County claim they cannot maintain Greenleaf as they would also have to maintain private driveways 6/20/23

Brazos County Commissioners Court: Discuss Road Guidelines from 1985 and their application to Rustic Oaks and Greenleaf 6/13/23